A Framework for a Fair Australian Democracy

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The Australian Democracy Network, whose aim is to extract undue, excessive corporate influence from our political system, has launched a campaign to grow toward achieving that. More details about the campaign and the petition can be found on the #OurDemocracy website.

It is fascinating how the our democracy meme is taking off in Australia. This Australian Democracy Network initiative parallels the Our Democracy work that CAPaD has been actively involved in with the Our Democracy Australia and the Our Democracy ACT work we are supporting.

The Our Democracy ACT aim is different, in that we want to support Canberrans to build good working relationships with our current MPs with the intent of achieving good participation of the community in the preparation on policy. The hope is that this leads to better policy and so better outcomes for society.

What this shows is that activity to improve various aspects of our political system and to protect the democracy we have is gaining momentum.

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