Active Democracy in the ACT

Genuine Engagement Tool

Ever wondered if government engagement with community really is a genuine participatory process?

The Genuine Engagement Tool (GET) is designed to help communities reflect on their experience of government engagements. Using the tool, communities can get clear insights on how they can keep their own power and agency in government engagements and how they can communicate more transparently about how governments can engage better.

You can get an open source copy of the Genuine Engagement Tool for community groups here and you can read the story of how it was developed here.

A brief video explaining the tool and how to use it is here.

Please download it, use it and feed back to us what you think.


Active Democracy / #OurDemocracy

Active Democracy Bean is active and holding sessions to find out what you know about the Voice to Parliament referendum.

Alicia Payne is running the Canberra Forum to connect with people in the electorate of Canberra. Details and how to be involved are here.

Education Strategy - helping caring people contribute to good government for the public good

In 2022 we have come to realise that what we do is educating and supporting people who care about good government for the public good to contribute more actively. CAPaD has developed an Education Strategy to guide our activity.

More about this Strategy can be found here.