Recent addition to the democracy ecosystem in Australia: Review of The High Performance Political Party

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Recent addition to the democracy ecosystem in Australia: Review of The High Performance Political Party Peter Tait Justin Ryan, 2023, HP3 The High Performance Political Party, Australian Progressive Media In his monograph, Justin Ryan of the Progressive Action Lab, argues that at this juncture of Australian politics, progressively inclined … Read More

The ACT Community Democracy Ecosystem

In the ACT, several organisations and many individuals are working for better community and electorate level democratic practice with a focus on ensuring good representation. This is an ecosystem of people and organisations in a political environment. Within the organisations are people with varying levels of time, energy and interest. … Read More

Eight ways to institutionalise deliberative democracy

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OECD Public Governance Policy Papers, No. 12, 14 December 2021 Building on the work CAPaD did with the OECD last year, this paper outlines eight participatory and deliberative models “for institutionalising representative public deliberation to improve collective decision making and strengthen democracy. Deliberative bodies like citizens’ assemblies create the democratic … Read More

Be angry (about politics) and vote thoughtfully

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From the Public Health Association Australia blog, Intouch, Peter Tait suggests ways that we can be active citizens in the upcoming election. After all, do we want more of the same non-government? See here ->

Good government key to planetary health and human wellbeing

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Peter Tait presented this talk at the Australian Public Health Conference on 24/9/21. His talk Planetary Health for the Public’s Health is reproduced on the Croakey blog here as A rallying call for public health to refocus efforts, on building government for the public’s good. (

Has politics become too contemptuous of everyday life?

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On this weeks The Mindfield, Waleed Aly and Marc Stears (Director of the Sydney Policy Lab) explore the idea that politics / the political class / liberal democracy has become disconnected from the values and concerns of the community. Very relevant to the community independents movement.

A brief note on Humankind, by Rutger Bregman – democracy view.

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Rutger Bregman’s Humankind explores and debunks the myth that human nature is nasty by default. He acknowledges that it can be and in certain circumstances this can have survival value. But in the majority of circumstances and situations, humans’ default responses are kindness, compassion and being helpful. In relation to … Read More

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