CAPaD’s future activity focus

Zoom Event

Dear CAPaD friends You are warmly invited to a conversation about the focus of future activity for CAPaD in the context of more overtly moving to being an education charity. Purpose: To explore members views about the reasons for and implications of: - establishing the Awakening Democracy Foundation to receive … Read More

Getting Community involved in local government Zoom Event

Scope for government at the local municipal / town / suburb level is rich. This session will explore how to do this. Anne Jedzini and Marcus Crowley will talk about their experiences in this area and open to discussion about how this knowledge can help strengthen democracy. More details and … Read More

Managing our existential threats

Zoom Event

Author Julian Cribb and the Council for the Human Future present How to Fix a Broken Planet: Advice for surviving the 21st century. How realistic is it to think that the whole world could be implementing the very substantial and detailed changes that Cribb seeks, within the next five years? … Read More

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