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We would like to be able to provide contact details for candidates but this information is not systematically easy to come by.

Peter Tait's interviews on 2XX on Friday 28th August and Friday October 1st about CAPaD, democracy, the election and candidate statements.

The Smartvote Australia site helps you to see which candidates you best align with (smartvote Australia is a project of the Australian National University).

Elections ACT also host a set of candidate statements for general details about themselves.

In the 2XX Minor Party Series, the minor parties in this election talk about what is important to them.

Responses by candidates to CAPaD's Candidate Statement questions are arranged here by Electorate and then by question to allow easy comparison.

Candidate Responses by Electorate by Question


Candidates by Electorate

Each Candidates' Completed Statements by Electorate

First NameSurnameParty / IndependentReceived?
Click YES to download statement
BethanyWilliamsCanberra ProgressivesYES
MikeStelzigCanberra ProgressivesYES
AndrewBraddockACT GreensYES
LeanneCastleyCanberra LiberalsN
AlastairCoeCanberra LiberalsN
TomFischerACT LaborN
Deepak-RajGuptaACT LaborN
JamesMilliganCanberra LiberalsN
KrishnaNadimpalliCanberra LiberalsN
SuzanneOrrACT LaborN
MichaelPetterssonACT LaborN
GeorgiaPhillipsACT LaborN
JacobVadakkedathuCanberra LiberalsN
MainulHaqueACT GreensYES
DavidPollardDavid Pollard Independent PartyYES
OliviaHelmoreLabour DLPN
BernieStrangLabour DLPN
JohnKearsleySustainable Australia (ACT)N
ScottYoungSustainable Australia (ACT)N
StephaniePollardDavid Pollard Independent PartyN
BernieBrennanAnimal Justice PartyN
FrancineHorneAnimal Justice PartyN

Do Candidate Statements change voting?

It seems they do.

Website visits goes up around election time (left hand graph) as people look at election related material. And candidates putting in a candidate statement receive more votes (blue lines in right hand two graphs).

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