Advocate for our work with other organisations and explore ideas for collaboration

The Canberra Alliance wants to change how governance works to deliver the best possible outcomes for society and our planet. We aim to start a movement to bring about the changes needed to do this. Fundamental to building a successful movement is to identify possible allies and where possible build lasting collaborative relationships with them, at the same time helping other organisations more successfully achieve their own objectives. Allies can include individuals and organisations.

What we want
A stronger network of civil society organisations able to collaborate for the common good in the political action domain.

More specifically we want to:

  1. publicise and promote CAPaD and our work to other civil society organisations;
  2. better understand the issues facing these other organisation;
  3. explore ideas for and build collaborations with these groups to bring the ‘transform governance’ element into supporting their campaigns;
  4. build alliances that we could call on for non-partisan political action in the future.

Ongoing through 2018 and 2019, hold relational meetings and conversations with individuals and organisations who we identify as likely to be sympathetic to our cause.

Moved into promoting the KTC package for neighbourhoods to learn to work together.