CAPaD wants a democratic Canberra — where citizens trust their elected representatives, hold them accountable, engage in decision-making, and defend what sustains the public interest.

We will do this by:

  • Empowering Canberrans to engage in owning and planning for our common future
  • Developing and supporting citizends, community and civil society engagement in public decision-making
  • Facilitating opportunities for citizen input into government decisions
  • Developing citizens' capacity to hold governments and policymakers more accountable.

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Heard! the Voice of Participants in Canberra’s First Citizen’s Juries

Thirty people gathered on 24 May to hear the experiences of some of the jurors in the recent citizen's juries in Canberra (Canberra Times, ABC).

The jurors' experiences were most encouraging. They felt positive about their parts in the process and described how these processes are working for us in Canberra. Briefly:

  • Citizens can be trusted to make wise decisions.
  • Strong clear facilitation is needed to make the magic happen.
  • It's not that hard and they were well supported.
  • It's like a honeymoon — lots of fun and respect!

Juror Deahnne McIntyre (front, left) with an attentive audience. Emily Jenke is to her immediate right.

CAPaD committee member Beth Slatyer (red top, 2nd from right) analysing the outcomes of jury processes.

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Deliberate ACT

Deliberate ACT — Community of Interest Meet Up #4: Why do we need trust in engagement processes?

Thurs 28 June 2018, 5:30–7pm Members Dining Room, Old Parliament House.

This session builds on our previous meet ups where we established our ground rules, what we wanted to focus on and explore our experience of engagement as facilitators, practitioners, stakeholders, experts and the community.

Are you interested in how citizens and governments can better deliberate, decide and collaborate — together?

Come and join a new community of interest where we work together to share and learn what works (or doesn't).

Open to anyone - interested members of the public, academics, passionate democracy advocates, engagement practitioners and public servants.


How can we 'save/make' democratic government work?

Passion Mashin’, 5 May 2018

CAPaD featured at the SEE-Change Passion Mashin’ event. Lots learnt!

SEE-Change and the ACT Government Landcare Facilitator hosted a Passion Mashin’ full day workshop, led by Les Robinson of Changeology.

Its aim was to reinvigorate volunteer groups.

As well as learning how to get busy people to give up their time to help out with our causes, it was a chance to meet volunteers and staff from the Zero Waste Revolution, ACT for Bees, Lyneham Commons, organisations like Conservation Volunteers Australia, and the ACT Government.

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