State of Play

The ACT 2016 Elections are done and the final results are available here.

There are 12 newcomers to the Assembly and for the first time there will be more women than men in the Assembly.

An important aspect of the 9th Legislative Assembly for the ACT is the Labor-Greens Parliamentary Agreement.

You can download here a file that lists the 25 newly elected and re-elected MLA’s with the statements that 14 of them made for our website during the election campaign.

CAPaD hopes to work closely with all MLA’s to make participatory democracy a reality in the ACT.

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Will the ACT survive the 21st Century and will our local parliamentarians play a role?

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Julian Cribb has just published a book entitled Surviving the 21st-century. Humanity’s ten great challenges and how we can overcome them. The book has been unanimously praised by a cast reviewers that includes Paul Ehrlich, Robyn Williams, Clive Hamilton, Peter Doherty, former Governor-General Michael Jeffery, David Lindenmeyer, Mark Stafford-Smith, Bill … Read More