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Participatory Democracy is

  • a deliberative dialogue and decision-making process which hears all voices and diverse perspectives to enact meaningful change.
  • ideally, an equitable process embarked upon by a group empowered with decision-making authority
    • surfacing a deeper understanding of issues
    • consolidated around a common purpose
    • forging a collective decision out of individual interests.
  • inclusive
  • requires practice and reflection
  • accepts and absorbs conflict
  • actively addresses dissent
  • pays attention to those who speak softly or who are on the margins



Public Discussion about planning in the ACT

The meeting was well-attended and led to useful outcomes. A report will follow shortly.

There is growing public unease about planning decisions in the ACT. The Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy (CAPaD) is hosting a public discussion about this issue. All are welcome.

Date: 30 April 2017
Time: 2–5pm
Place: Folk Dance Canberra Hall, 114 Maitland Street, Hackett

CAPaD supports business and good urban development — we want a world class city
there is a widespread feeling among individuals, resident groups and community councils that community consultation receives lip service but has little impact on decisions that have already been reached by politicians in close association with professional developers.

CAPaD wants decisions about development in this city made with meaningful citizen engagement in the planning process. We believe this will result in respectful wise decisions where everyone’s well-being is met. We need planning to meet the needs of not just ‘the economy’ but people, businesses and the environment. Further, wise planning links to issues such as the ACT’s zero emissions goals.

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ACT 2016 Elections

The ACT 2016 Elections are done and the final results are available here.

There are 12 newcomers to the Assembly and for the first time there will be more women than men in the Assembly.

An important aspect of the 9th Legislative Assembly for the ACT is the Labor-Greens Parliamentary Agreement.

You can download here a file that lists the 25 newly elected and re-elected MLA’s with the statements that 14 of them made for our website during the election campaign.

CAPaD hopes to work closely with all MLA’s to make participatory democracy a reality in the ACT.

News & Info

General Meeting, Sunday 15 October 2017, 2–5pm
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We are excited to invite you to our second general meeting for 2017. Three approaches to awakening democracy in the ACT are on the agenda for discussion, endorsement and/or improvement at the meeting: 1. The participation in urban planning... Read More

Community engagement in planning of Canberra
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CAPaD is hosting a public discussion about community engagement in the Planning of Canberra. Date: Sunday 30 April 2017 Time: 2–5 pm Place: Folk Dance Canberra Hall, 114 Maitland Street , Hackett There is growing public unease about planning... Read More