CAPaD wants a democratic Canberra — where citizens trust their elected representatives, hold them accountable, engage in decision-making, and defend what sustains the public interest.

We will do this by:

  • Empowering Canberrans to engage in owning and planning for our common future
  • Developing and supporting citizends, community and civil society engagement in public decision-making
  • Facilitating opportunities for citizen input into government decisions
  • Developing citizens' capacity to hold governments and policymakers more accountable.

Hearing the Voice of Participants

You are very warmly invited to come along and enjoy our next Hearing the Voice of Participants antipasto and discussion on Thursday, 1st November. It will be held in Foodish at the Belconnen Markets.

The last one of these that we hosted was about the Citizen's Jury on the CTP (Compulsory Third Party insurance). It was a great evening, with delicious food and friendly, robust discussion and valuable reflections on the Jury process.

We hope you make it to the Thursday, 1st November event to listen to participants' experiences of the Better Suburbs Citizens' Process, which promises to be an equally enjoyable, informative and inspirational evening.

Make a booking here.

Look forward to meeting you on 1 November, and bring your friends. The evening is informal, social and very enjoyable.

How can we 'save/make' democratic government work?

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