Produce and promote a vision for good participatory governance in the ACT and ideas for bringing that about

One element of inspiring and mobilizing people for change is having a compelling ‘story’ about the desired change that answers these questions:

  • How do we want our world to be?
  • How is this new situation going to work?
  • How are we to get it happening: what actions do we need to take to bring about this change?

While the details of the answer to the first question are by necessity vague, the effort to define answers to the second question and particularly the detailed answers to the third question are the ones that support the overall activity of the Canberra Alliance.

What do we want to do
The Create a New Story Action Group wants to complement the other Action Groups by developing a narrative and materials to explain the change processes the Canberra Alliance wants to engage people in.

We want to develop:

  1. general public understanding of how governance might be done differently and in a way that promotes the common good and not pander to vested interests:
    • What are the values, principles and elements of a participatory citizen / wise decisions model of governance that we aspire to create?
  2. a more specific understanding of how we are trying to bring about the changes needed:
    • What is CAPaD’s theory of change for bringing this about?
    • What specific changes are needed?
    • How can these changes be made?
    • What actions are needed to make those changes?
  3. an understanding of how the Canberra Alliance works;
  4. a set of articles / videos / other materials that tell others this story.
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