Glimpses of Utopia, Jess Scully, a reflection

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Peter Tait

My reflections rather than a book review.

Jess Scully discusses the hope-giving developments she has found around the world that suggest we can build a well society on a well planet if we apply what we know.

Just been reading Jess Scully, Glimpses of Utopia #GlimpsesOfUtopia.

There is a lot in there. Most is not new but she has brought it together powerfully.

Some key messages:

  • Progress happens by talking about what we would like the world to be and how we are going to get that change.
  • It happens through conversation between ordinary people living near each other.
  • Then those people do/build/make happen, on a small scale, what it is they want. Local, with each other.
  • And they show it off.
  • Finally, she discloses this wonderful idea: build a community of belief as well as practice.

So CAPaD wants to build a community of belief in democracy. Real people participatory democracy.


Some more specifics about participatory politics:

  • Participation has to be easy and fun
  • People have to feel they are being listened to seriously
  • Particularly how to listen to the (usually) unheard is important
  • If the government won’t do it, harness the power of IT and do it yourself
  • It is not about elections; although they have their role
  • The democratic confederal idea of community leading itself
  • Get your fingers on (some of) the money

Of course, there is a website and even better read her book.


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