Candidate Statements a valuable resource for voters

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Pity the poor voter who wants to do the right thing and choose his or her own preferred five candidates out of between 24 and 33 declared candidates in his/her electorate from as many as 9 parties and a slate of between 2 and 8 independents.

The Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy is trying to make it easier for voters to compare candidates by providing in one place candidate statements from as many of the candidates as are willing. And the number of willing candidates continues to rise.

Some voters who have examined these candidate statements have said that they prefer to vote for only those candidates who have submitted a statement.

Sixteen days out from the election the website contains statements from 48 of the 141 candidates, mainly from the major parties and independents. The candidate statement includes four elements: qualification to be a parliamentarian; policy passions of the candidate; a statement of how they intend to represent the electorate; and agreement or modification of a six point “Charter of Democratic Commitment”.

Beth Slatyer, the co-convenor of the Canberra Alliance said today, “The Alliance exists to give Canberrans a greater say and an opportunity to improve how our democratic system is working. Elections are the only time we get to have our say and unless we have a greater understanding of the things that drive the candidates we are left totally in the hands of the parties and those who fund them. We think its very important that voters have the information they need to distinguish between candidates, including between candidates in the same party.”

The candidate statements may be downloaded HERE. The statements are grouped by electorate and arranged in the order in which parties and ungrouped candidates will appear on the ballot papers for that electorate.


Who has made a statement?







Total (% total announced candidates in party)

Liberal Party

Vicki Dunne

Denise Fisher

Paul Sweeney

Ed Cocks

Nicole Lawder

Mark Parton

Jacob Vadakkedathu

Jeremy Hanson

Peter Hosking

Candice Burch

Brooke Curtin

Elizabeth Lee

12/25 (48%)



Chris Bourke

Tara Cheyne

Gordon Ramsay

Angie Drake

Karl Malfoum

Taimus Werner-Gibbings

Meegan Fitzharris

Suzanne Orr

Jennifer Newman

Chris Steele

Andrew Barr

Richard Niven

Rachel Stephen-Smith

13/25 (52%)


Indra Essguerra

Michael Mazengarb

Veronica Wensing

Andrew Braddock

Tobias Holm

Caroline Le Couteur

Emma Davidson

Jennifer Faerber

Shane Rattenbury

Rebecca Vasarotti

10/15 (67%)

Like Canberra

Richard Harriss

Richard Tuffin

Tim Friel




3/10 (30%)

Australian Sex Party







Animal Justice Party







Canberra Community Voters Party

Geoff Kettle




Lucinda Spiers

2/8 (25%)

Liberal Democrats







Community Alliance







Sustainable Australia








Leigh Watson

Vijay Dubey

Ian Coombes

Joel McKay

David Pollard


Marea Fatseas

Peter Robinson

Graham Strachan

8/17 (47%)

(% total announced candidates in electorate)

12/33 (36%)

10/28 (36%)

7/24 (29%)

7/29 (24%)

12/27 (44%)

48/141 (34%)

Total Candidates








For other comments contact Beth Slatyer 040 999 5850 or Bob Douglas 0409 233 138

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