Reflections of CAPaDs focus on candidates

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Peter Tait (this 13 January version is an update of the original post of January 6th 2021) Over the past few weeks, I have found myself explaining what CAPaD is trying to do. People are interested in a new way of thinking about doing politics. These conversations have led me … Read More

An Ecology of Representation

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Peter W Tait, 2020 Some background theory for explaining CAPaD’s objective in focusing on representation in participatory democratic theory. From Urbinati N, Warren ME. The concept of representation in contemporary democratic theory. Annual Review of Political Science. 2008;11:387-412 How do we know if representation is legitimate? This depends on the … Read More

Three things happened that show we need parliament urgently

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This post was originally printed in Intouch, the PHAA Blog and is printed here with PHAA’s permission. Two things happened in late July that makes me worry for the future of the public’s health in Australia. First, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) was … Read More

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