Media Release: A Citizens’ Jury in Canberra — let’s get it right

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The Chief Minister has announced a Citizen’s Jury on the issue of Compulsory Third Party Insurance. CAPaD has welcomed this step, which provides us all with an opportunity to learn how an important tool for participatory democracy can best work in Canberra (download Media Release document).

There are two important ways you can get involved. 

  1. Give us your feedback on the draft criteria for a successful Citizens’ Jury trial. To help us judge the success of the Jury process, CAPaD has joined with the ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) to develop a draft set of principles. We would love to hear your views on these, and please come to the next CAPaD General Meeting (details to be announced shortly). ACTCOSS and CAPaD will receive comments on the draft principles between now and the end of September, and then will present the Final Principles on the anniversary of the 2016 election.
  2. Follow the Citizens’ Jury on CTP on the YourSay website and discuss it with your friends, colleagues and family — the more people who take an interest in the process, and the principles, the more we will all learn.

Citizens’ Juries are one tool to improve democracy in the ACT. We all need to learn how they can add value and what will deliver trust in the process. For these reasons it is essential that any trial be conducted in a way that supports the whole community to explore, share and learn together how best to use Citizens’ Juries in the ACT.

For comment please contact Plaxy McCulloch, CAPaD Secretary by 29 September 2017.

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