Some observations on Cathy goes to Canberra

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Listening to Cathy goes to Canberra, Conversations with Richard Fidler, ABC Radio. Talking abut her new book.

Some take homes:

Their aim was to make the seat marginal; make it competitive. Start with the local member. Safe seats don’t get attention.

Listen to the young people. What do they know? Want?

The MP doesn’t lead, community members need to lead.

It isn’t about the promises; it is about representation of the community from the community, not representation of the Party [for the Party funders – Cathy didn’t say this latter bit]. Representatives need to have a deep commitment to their community. People of caliber need to get in there to do the job for the community. Really satisfying.

Only one in four people need to vote for quality candidates to change how the political system works, to have a parliament we can be proud of.

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