Build community capacity for social change by working with ACT organisations to identify training needs and then to arrange (not deliver) that training

The Canberra Alliance believes that people will be able to more effectively be a part of changing society to how we want it to be if they have some knowledge and skills in planning and making change.

CAPaD wants to work at the community/ grassroots level, to create demand for change in how democracy works in the ACT. In particular we want to change how decisions about our community are made, how citizens participate in that decision making, the relationship between electors and representatives, how our representatives can be held more accountable for outcomes, and overall to sustain the institutions that protect the public interest.

To do this we need some training that is an amalgam of:

  • community organising and campaigning and advocacy;
  • training in community innovation;
  • models of wise leadership (power with, not power over).

What we want to do
This Action Group will:

  1. Create a training program, for Canberra Alliance members and others people and organisations with similar aims, in how to foster a successful social movement to advocate for and co-create participatory democracy in the ACT.
  2. Work toward a common language and toolkit by sharing the training with members of other ACT groups:
    • this will help with alliance building for democracy in Canberra;
  3. but NOT deliver the training:
    • it will plan and implement a training program to be delivered by experts in the field.

What the training will cover
The training will develop skills in creating a social movement and community organizing — this will improve our strategising and advocacy, and therefore improve the effectiveness of every thing else we do.

Early in 2018: develop the training proposal — including costs (for participants), preferred training provider(s), timing, and learning outcomes.

Mid-2018: hold one or more training workshops for Canberra Alliance members and other interested people;

By June 2018: provide information about other courses/programs that individuals can follow up on themselves.

Moved into promoting the KTC package for neighbourhoods to learn to work together.