Develop Kitchen Table Conversations (KTCs) as a tool for community engagement and activity

CAPaD seeks a way to connect Canberrans through community-based, self-managing conversations. We believe this will help create the pre-conditions for people to desire and be able to join in participatory democracy.

That is, we want kitchen table conversations (KTCs) to be a way for bringing people together to work toward all our objectives.

The primary aims are to connect people, to give people the chance to listen non-judgementally to what others think about things, and to safely express and develop their own opinions.

We will not primarily use KTCs as a way of gathering input to Government consultation processes. But we will advocate for other community groups and the ACT government to use community dialogue such as KTCs and support them to do that where we feel we can add value.

The KTC Methods group aims to kickstart a program of KTCs that will see KTCs become a sustained part of the way Canberrans come together to discuss issues that concern them, plan action and review how that goes.

In 2018, we will:

  1. Early in the year, organise pilot KTCs with CAPaD hosts, to:
    1. test a revised host kit and KTC questions;
    2. evaluate key questions about design of a scaled-up program;
  2. Later in the year, design and roll out a cross-Canberra KTC program without CAPaD hosts;
  3. During the year, research other KTC models and implementation approaches so we can understand the full potential and implementation challenges.

Work in progress!